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Message from the P.C.O.E. to the Scuola Rossa

Dear comrades, 

please receive this thank-you letter for your greeting to our XVII Congress. 

Bernardo Baños,

Secretary of International Relations

Dear comrades: “Scuola Rossa”

On behalf of the Central Committee of the PCOE, as well as all our members, we want to thank you for sending us a congratulatory message on the occasion of the XVII Congress of our Party. In these times when international relations are heavily influenced by the economic bankruptcy of the capitalist system, imperialist wars in different parts of the world, contradictions arising from the automation and robotization of production, and the genocide against the Palestinian people, internationalist solidarity and the collective work of the communist vanguard are essential to lead the international proletariat towards the socialist revolution.

The world that stands before us today is alien to us, because each communist militant, each ideologist for the revolution, carries in their heart a new world, a world that advances towards the end of all exploitation and oppression due to scientific socialism. The world we long for, where the exploiting bourgeois minority is erased from history, is communism. A world we know with certainty will come about through revolutionary means.

Dear comrades, we take this opportunity to reiterate our firm conviction to fight unswervingly for Marxism-Leninism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the construction of a new Communist International, as well as to develop bilateral relations between our organizations.

Communist greetings


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